Digital Banking – Battle for the Home Screen

The growth in digital banking is showing no signs of slowing down. Convenience, speed, and security aren’t just extra benefits in consumers’ minds anymore. They are now a standard requirement of the rapidly changing customer-bank relationship. As a rule, traditional bank institutions struggle to build a loyal customer base, while the newly emerging digital-only banks, […]

Graphene: The Game-Changing Material of the Future

Technology is only as good as the materials it is made from. Much of the modern information era would not be possible without silicon and Moore’s Law, and electric cars would be much less viable without recent advances in the material science behind lithium-ion batteries. That’s why graphene, a two-dimensional super-material made from carbon, is so exciting. […]

6 Ways Construction Technology Has Transformed the Industry

From using your smartphone at work to aerial drones mapping and surveying the job site, the construction industry is exploding into new realms with the technology of today. Digital blueprint apps and cutting-edge software manage every facet of a project without having to lay a brick, while 3D imaging and gadgets have lent a whole new […]

Technology Upgrade Coming To Construction And Real Estate Industries

The construction and real estate industries are primed for technology disruption. Don’t miss out on the opportunity. Heard of constru-tech? How about RE-tech? If you’re scratching your head, don’t feel like you’ve missed something. Those monikers simply don’t exist. Construction and real estate may be some of the last holdouts when it comes to fully embracing technology. Some players […]