Graphene: The Game-Changing Material of the Future

Technology is only as good as the materials it is made from. Much of the modern information era would not be possible without silicon and Moore’s Law, and electric cars would be much less viable without recent advances in the material science behind lithium-ion batteries. That’s why graphene, a two-dimensional super-material made from carbon, is so exciting. It’s harder than diamonds, 300x stronger than steel, flexible, transparent, and a better conductor than copper (by about 1,000x). If it lives up to its potential, graphene could revolutionize everything from computers to the construction industry. “There is phenomenal potential for graphene to be used in construction,” says Andrea Ferrari, professor of nanotechnology and director of the Cambridge Graphene Centre. “Walls, lighting, touch panels, sensors, generators, batteries and solar panels could all be impacted.” However, early research has focused on the electronics industry, where tiny amounts can be used to great effect. Ferrari believes the next five to 10 years will determine which applications will make it into production. Construction Manager looks at six likely candidates…Read More > >

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