The team at FOND excels in modern engineering, construction, and project management and our diverse portfolio encompasses commercial, residential and governmental services. No matter how challenging a project or how remote its location, at FOND, we have the expertise, technology and human resources to handle it. 

FOND brings an unmatched combination of knowledge, know-how, technical skill, experience, and commitment to our customers in every single project that we embark upon. FOND is a unique and dedicated development company devoted to improving standards of living and the luxury of comfort in modern metropolitan areas today. The company’s focus lies in the realm of real estate, Infrastructure and Construction Activities.


FOND has been providing construction services and project development expertise using a mix of time tested technologies, rock solid work processes and modern innovations to provide the best results for clients and customers alike.

Whether it is about  delivering complex construction projects on-time and within budget or designing diverse  facilitates or effectively mobilizing skilled construction teams using the latest advanced methodologies, FOND juggles local considerations, cultural diversity and global tastes & trends with ease. 

Our record revenues ensures that our work is selected for governmental projects and commercial customers. We work on projects which help grow local economy and create a value system that endeavors to improve the quality of life. Like our high rise projects, we believe that the sky is the limit and we set our standards accordingly to such lofty expectations.


FOND construction project management is aligned with our policy of  subcontractor and labor management. We secure labor after carefully selecting subcontractors and manpower with proven track records and according to safety performance norms, excellence in delivery and proven success. Our presence  manages labor-relations on projects ensuring harmony thus promising better results and timely delivery. 

Our organization has a deep commitment to the health and safety of employees in the field and to safeguarding the environment. While we also work for governments and commercial customers, our construction projects have helped the local economy grow and provide for the employment and education of our employees. Our construction projects are improving the quality of life for communities and people across various cross sections of society.

Our culture is steeped in respect for our environment, citizens and the future of our community – children. At FOND this translates into maintaining the highest standards of transparent and ethical business practices and we uphold this reputation as one of our most valuable assets besides values of excellence and integrity. The reliability of our performance and the quality of our projects is evident since we are constantly striving to improve ourselves.


Clients who are the future commercial and residential property owners are usually not concerned about the work behind the scenes. FOND takes pride in our practical approach during all  phases of the project; with experts in the field of construction, engineering, quality, rigging, welding, software systems, and modular structures.

Our zero accidents world-class safety program is enabled because we believe that every accident is preventable, and we continue in our pursuit of zero accidents. FOND conducts it’s business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner toward the pursuit of more safe, resilient and energy efficient communities worldwide.

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