Choosing A Global Integrated Building Management System

Technavio has announced the top five leading vendors in their recent global integrated building management systems (IBMS) market report until 2021. This research report also lists 62 other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period. The global integrated building management systems (IBMS) market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of over 12% through the […]

Hey, Service Professionals: It’s Time to Modernize

As a developer also running a construction maintenance firm, I find it extremely difficult to locate, properly vet and hire qualified and responsible subcontractors. This post details steps all contractors should follow if they want to earn your business, such as…Where are you? How do I find you? Why is it so difficult? How come I do […]

Future Construction Tech – Aerogel Insulation

Aerogel Insulation – While it is lighter than helium, Aerogel can absorb oil 250-900 times its own mass. If Michelangelo’s famous marble statue of David was made of aerogel, it would weigh only 4 pounds (2 kilograms) Aerogel is one of the least dense substances on Earth, a foam-like solid material that holds its shape despite being […]

Future Benefits for 3D Printing in the Construction Industry

Since its advent, 3D printing has been on a steady path forward. And the further along it moves, the more people have been wondering how it will affect and benefit all industries. In 2015, China managed to 3D print homes and other large-scale structures, making everyone pay attention to the possibilities for 3D printing in construction […]

Alternative to Concrete – Lightweight Polystyrene Concrete Blocks

Polystyrene concrete blocks generally are made from a mix of cement silica aggregate, recycled polystyrene granules and modifying agents like setting accelerators, according to Interesting Engineering, though each manufacturer has a slightly different formulation. The blocks are lighter than traditional concrete and, as such, can reduce required labor for constructing masonry walls while increasing the speed […]

The Construction Jobs of Today May Require Different Skills for Success Tomorrow

Much of the current conversation about the future of work in the United States revolves around fears of technology making workers obsolete. But, the discussion can’t only be about how automation will change the nature of work or how machines will replace human workers. For some time now, the construction profession has been in decline […]

5 Ways Construction Technology Can Transform Plan vs Performance

Nobody understands better than a construction professional the vast difference between what goes down on paper and what actually happens in the field–i.e., the plan versus performance. Whether it’s rework, cost overruns, scheduling delays, or rapidly shrinking profit margins, the plan never truly survives contact with reality. Fortunately embracing advancing construction technology can help keep plans on […]

Daylight Building Helps Patients Recover Faster

Daylighting promotes healing and wellness at the Florida Hospital for Women at Orlando Campus. Growing research demonstrates that patients recover faster and better from illness or surgery in settings that offer abundant daylight and views to the outdoors. The new award-winning Florida Hospital for Women, Orlando Campus will eventually have 336 licensed beds in the […]

Projects Where Risk Management Takes Center Stage

Projects like these, where resilience is central to their design and construction, are becoming more commonplace, as developers and their AEC teams adopt positive measures to give their property assets a fighting chance of surviving the ravages of natural disasters, and to minimize recovery costs. On July 28, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection […]