Hey, Service Professionals: It’s Time to Modernize

As a developer also running a construction maintenance firm, I find it extremely difficult to locate, properly vet and hire qualified and responsible subcontractors. This post details steps all contractors should follow if they want to earn your business, such as…Where are you? How do I find you? Why is it so difficult? How come I do a search and get a disappointing number of results? In the rare occurrence when I can actually find and then visit your website, why do I feel like I’ve stepped back into the ‘90s? Is this even a business? Did your 8-year-old daughter design this? Sure, there are services such as Angie’s List.  But don’t you think it’s sad that the level of mistrust and dissatisfaction with contractors in general requires a site like this? Please take a look at your business and make it easy to find. Have a professional website prepared and indexed on popular search engines. Make sure it can be easily navigated on my phone or tablet. Get listed on popular directories such as Yelp, Google Places and Yellow Pages and get established on Facebook and LinkedIn too…Read More > >

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