FOND LLC  |  The Fond Organization

Development, Finance, Construction & Management

FOND  is a privately held limited liability company conglomerate headquartered in Central Florida, with operations extending across the eastern United States. FOND specializes in real estate design and development, finance and commercial loan brokerage, construction, renovation and property management. Our strategy is centered on identifying market inefficiencies, recapitalizing or re-positioning assets and enhancing property cash flows on behalf of real estate investors. We can help you find the best loan for your next project or business. The firm was established in 1999 by CEO and Founder Anthony Fond, set up in 2000, and originally opened as a real estate investment group in 2004 handling construction, renovation and property management. Our specific arena is commercial real estate development and construction and commercial loan brokering as well as commercial construction and property management.


FOND is a team of skilled professionals creating investment programs by identifying solid investment opportunities. Our industry knowledge spans commercial and residential real estate, management and operations, and distressed commercial mortgages through its alternative investments division.


FOND has extensive experience in identifying, acquiring, managing and assisting with liquidating assets within its real estate and distressed loan programs. Our executive team includes a unique group of accomplished industry professionals with over 40 years of collective experience in locating, closing, designing, building or renovating, leasing and managing properties on behalf of investors nationwide.


Quality investment opportunities can be hard to find in a complex and ever changing marketplace. FOND has a team which excels in finding opportunities that may be overlooked by other investors because of poor management, marketing or infrastructure issues.


Our firm has goals for our investors that are based on sound fundamentals. This core philosophy has been instrumental to achieve high returns while managing appropriate investor risk. Through the years, FOND has worked hard to successfully produce asset value from our investors income producing properties.