FOND is a privately held real estate development company conglomerate headquartered in Florida, USA. FOND LLC, doing business as The Fond Organization, focuses on nationwide commercial development, construction, renovation and green construction project funding. Established in 1999 by CEO and Founder Anthony Fond, the firm grew from the construction project management of high end residential projects to full scale multimillion dollar commercial real estate projects on behalf of investors and clients in both private and corporate sectors worldwide.

The Fond Development Group LLC is an inventive and unique partnership of FOND LLC and the leading firms; Witt Global Partners, and Mitigation & Resilience Strategies.  The main focus of this joint venture is specializing in commercial development, infrastructure design, disaster restoration, land-use planning, retrofitting for energy-efficiency, project design & development, disaster-resistant products & services, product-partner development, green design/build for community/neighborhood development, community resilience development, and more.


HUB International, Witt Global Partners, Globalstar, ICF and More LLC – Quad-Lock, Reinforced Earth Company, Breton Industries, GEOS Response, DigiGone, Yippy, Porta Floor, US Flood Control, Losberger, and EcoJohn, just to name a few.


New Inventions Announcement: The Livable Levee System™

The  intended purpose of The Livable Levee System is to create a union of  functionality and resiliency, utilizing a combination of green  engineering technologies, existing materials and products that exceed  energy-efficient standards, and self-sustaining design principles. These  principles present a platform to address green engineering technologies  that increase economic growth and decrease reinvestment over the entire  life cycle while improving quality by redeveloping a new ‘status quo’  within the industry. The multi-faceted design of the system will  mitigate against natural and man-made hazards, provide commercial space  and residential housing, as well as incorporate building standards that  turn the entire structure into a “safe room.” This system was designed  to meet or exceed energy-efficient standards and integrates existing  materials and products already approved for use nationally and  internationally to create a holistic, renewable energy system that will  deliver significant ROI within a Public-Private Partnership (P3).


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