Business Funding & Commercial Real Estate Financing

Business Funding – Short term, long term, credit lines, SBA loans, equipment financing, working capital, entertainment financing, real estate based lending and letter-of-credit; A/R financing.

Commercial Real Estate Financing – Loans for debt, equity or the acquisition of real estate development, ground-up construction and remodeling projects nationwide.


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Since 2010, competition for commercial loans has increased significantly. More lenders have been chasing a limited number of loans during a slow growth environment. Alternative lenders of every shape and size have crowded the space. Choosing the right lender is key in a growing sea of funding opportunities. While lenders may desire your business,  many have too many loans on their desk to be efficient, have a poor work ethic, or both. This leads to failure in communication and you wondering what’s going on with your loan. You need answers, not additional frustration, and that’s where FOND is trying to make a difference. If you have a lender that isn’t performing to your expectations, let’s set up a call.

We have a commitment  to uphold a higher standard of performance and customer satisfaction in every project and task we take on.

There are definitely some advantages and disadvantages of using a commercial loan broker. If you have enough time on your hands to investigate and research lenders and the funding options they provide, a commercial loan broker probably won’t be needed. But, if you need someone to help provide you with guidance to ensure you get the best possible loan, as well as getting funded quickly, please reach-out and we will help you navigate the commercial loan process. 

Our commercial lending executives are highly creative and see past the “hair” on a deal. You can count on our team to paint a clear and positive picture when representing your loan request, resulting in loans at the best rates and most flexible terms available with a reliable and trustworthy lender. You want commercial real estate loans tailored to your unique financial situation.

Our entire team of professionals will work directly with you in absolute transparency and dedication to get you funded quickly with the best terms from a lender who has provided proof of recent closings on a deal with similar criteria within the approximate size as yours. Lenders we partner with stay informed and updated on new and improved financing and commercial finance products. We want to meet your financial needs, no matter how small or large your business is and the amount of your business capital requirements.

Our team is committed to earning our clients’ lifelong loyalty by combining deep industry and capital market insight and expertise to help our clients succeed. By providing innovative and personalized solutions, we focus on consistently delivering meaningful value, even as economic conditions change and business needs evolve. Our goal is to get your deal closed quickly with fewer issues and worries. We strive to offer our clients direct access to capital markets and financial strength while executing with local and national knowledge and relentless client focus.


Our team begins by reviewing and organizing sophisticated financial analysis, modeling, and preparation of financial documents, In addition, we can identify immediate needs and optimal structuring.


We discuss your project in-house along with expert local and national senior level commercial lending executives based on their knowledge and experience with the type of loan your project requires, then quickly match your financial requests with the most flexible and competitive terms and rates.


Our goal is to add extra value by closing deals on-time and with certainty. Our team will stay in close contact with you through the closing process at every step. We’re here to take the worries out of financing your project as well as your commercial real estate portfolio.


Our success isn’t a result of size; it is a result of our strong commitment to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations in all our affairs. When our clients need commercial real estate capital, we respond quickly. The group of individuals and companies we partner with know what it takes to get a deal to the closing table as quickly as possible.



We recommend you have an attorney representing your financial interest at the time of application and throughout the entire process. The information on this site should not be considered as legal advice or opinion. The Fond Organization LLC is not a direct lender, a United States Securities Dealer, Broker or U.S. Investment Advisor. The purpose of this website is to provide general information. The information contained herein is intended solely to give a general indication of potential  loan scenarios and does not constitute a solicitation to enter into a transaction. Although we pride ourselves on arranging financing for unique situations, there are some transactions that are simply not viable enough to fund.


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